Gluten-free items that aren’t marked Gluten-free

There are foods without a specific gluten-free label that are GF.
If you’re not already a label-reader you’ll soon become one of those people who stand in the aisle, squinting at the tiny print. Recently the government has announced better allergy label laws so more foods will have an obvious ‘no gluten’ tag.

Here are some specific discoveries that made me very happy:
– Lipton’s onion soup mix is GF
– Almost all VH sauces, including soy sauce is GF and much cheaper than specific GF from the GF stores.
– Worchestershire Sauce – only available at specific GF stores; I haven’t seen it in Health food Stores.
– The meat brand “Freybe’s” is GF and available everywhere at the same price as others!! Other deli meat is ‘suspicious’.
– The internet is fabulous!! Many brand lists. etc. are available and it’s quite easy to check most things BUT some brands that are GF in the US aren’t here!!! But make sure the site is referring to Canadian products!

Even if you find a product that is GF check the labels each time you buy it because things change.


3 thoughts on “Gluten-free items that aren’t marked Gluten-free

  1. Check out the Heinz Worcestershire sauce. The ingredient list looks just fine to me.
    I emailed Wings Soy Sauce, and they’ve assured me that their soy sauce is gf… many restaurants offer the little Wings soy sauce packages.
    I think the only VH sauce that is NOT gf is their Terriyaki Sauce.
    One other note… I just came back from a shopping trip to the US, and stocked up on cold cereals. Their Corn and Rice CHEX are both gf and are way cheaper than any cereal we can get here.
    Great site, Brenda!

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