Eating Out

Restaurants and Fast food:
– Enjoy grilled meat, but make sure about any marinades used
– Choose dishes made without sauces.
– Good GF choices are available @ Swiss Chalet, Tony Roma’s, Cheesecake Cafe, Boston Pizza.
– Soups are tricky because of added starches and we avoid them.
– DO NOT GO INTO TIM’S!!! sorry! We’ve contacted them; they are not interested in trying to accommodate Celiacs.
– Grilled chicken and salad are usually safe. Read the ingredients on the dressing labels though.
– Order fries only if they have a fryer that is specifically for fries and isn’t used for breaded chicken, etc. (MacDonald’s keeps them separate.)
– Wendy’s is the best for fast food – their chili is GF and they offer baked potatoes and some delicious salads with grilled chicken.
– DQ has grilled chicken but no bun substitute.
– In Calgary, Chianti’s is the best restaurant we’ve found. Their staff is very well aware of GF issues and they provide very tasty GF dishes.
– Avoid A&W, KFC, Subway, Mr. Sub, Pizza places!

Invitations from others

– once they know, most people are very eager to accommodate. Most seem to think everything is off-limits and that a bit of cheating won’t matter.
– I always ask what they’re serving. I then ask about sauces (any canned soup?), obviously no breading – that includes crumbs or rolled oats in hamburgers, etc.
– If there’s a problem with something I offer to bring a similar dish that is gluten-free.

Potlucks: DANGER!
– Even if something is labelled gluten-free the cook may not know enough about contamination. I like to ask who prepared the dish and if I’m in doubt I ask the cook about it.
– Make sure a contaminated serving utensil hasn’t come into contact with the GF dish.
– Take a main dish and maybe set aside one serving to guarantee no contamination occurs or in case the dish looks so appealing that it disappears!
– Sometimes you just get salad (check dressings – Kraft is usually safe)!


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