GF Flours

When I first started to bake gluten-free most of the recipes used white rice flour. We soon found that it has a rather dry taste so I began to experiment and found that in the last few years many new flours have come onto the market. Experimentation has led me to believe that the baking properties are all quite similar and the only real difference is in the flavor and appearance so that makes them quite interchangeable.

I’ve enjoyed coming up with my own blends but of course there are many brands of All-Purpose GF Flour available.

If you’re making lighter colored things I’d suggest a combination of any of the following:

  • white rice flour
  • amaranth flour (adds a lovely golden color, also the most expensive but a little goes a long way in ‘coloring’ lighter recipes)
  • sweet rice flour
  • coconut flour (absorbs liquid very efficiently so 1/4 coconut flour replaces 1 cup of most other flours
  • quinoa flour

For darker colored foods try:

  • brown rice flour
  • sorghum flour
  • millet flour (Bajiri if you’re looking in an ethnic aisle)
  • almond flour
  • light buckwheat flour* (only certified GF is guaranteed not to have traces of gluten)

For recipes with stronger flavors like gingerbread or banana bread you can use stronger flavored flours:

  • dark buckwheat* (only certified GF is guaranteed not to have traces of gluten)
  • corn flour – I use this mainly for cornbread but also add a bit to pancakes 

*a note about Buckwheat: despite the name it does not contain wheat but comes from the rhubarb family! However there are few companies that guarantee contamination-free production.


Oats/rolled oats – naturally a gluten-free grain but apparently easily contaminated in the field by air-born gluten. Certified gluten-free rolled oats is available.


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