Tips for GF Living

My kitchen is not completely gluten free but this web site is!!

Contamination is the most daunting topic so here are some of the things I do to keep my celiac husband safe:

It’s easy at home once you get the hang of it.

The biggest thing is obvious – keep the GF foods separate.

Get containers that work for you (Dollar Store deals). Choose some that are different from any others you have and it will become automatic for everyone else to leave them alone.

Foods you’ll want to keep separate – butter, PB, jam, honey, mayonnaise. etc.

 We keep the original container GF  and I refill my ½ c. containers of condiments. I serve guests from these as well.

I have some wire cooling racks that are only GF.

I never use a wooden cutting board for GF, always washable plastic.

If using both kinds of bread I cut the GF first.

They caution against the use of toasters – no way to get them clean, and advocate a toaster oven. I got rid of the regular toaster and bought a toaster oven. I wash or rinse the racks after toasting normal bread. If you have more non-GF people than not keeping the toaster for them  and the toaster oven can be GF.

Pasta – if the rest of the family doesn’t like corn or rice pasta you can cook both wheat pasta AND  GF stuff. Make sure you stir with separate spoons and make sure to strain the GF first or use separate strainers.

Vitamins and supplements – READ THE LABELS or ask the pharmacist because some contain gluten. Shopper’s Drug Mart’s Life Brand is GF.



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