A Recipe Book and more

I’ve arranged this site to with let you quickly access the recipe you want. Use the drop down tabs or the index on the right to view each recipe on its own page. I’m working at adding photos.

Before you start, check out my GF Flours page. I’ve found lots of different blends for various baked goods.

I started with baked goods, main dishes are on their way!

I plan to only post recipes that I’ve tried. Although some might be original many will be good ones I’ve found from various sources which  I will credit so you can easily check out others from that source. 

Please post comments on the recipes – especially your good changes!


One thought on “A Recipe Book and more

  1. hi, I got your web address from my sister.Thank you so much for sharing these recipes.My grand daughter ( 8years old) was diagnosed as being diabetic in Sept. of 2011. Then, in Jan of 2012 she had the scope done that confirmed that she does have celiac disease.I am always looking for recipes to try ti make her life a little easier. Than you for sharing all these wonderful ideas and recipes. Bless you, Miriam

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