Our GF Journey

Why didn’t we see something was wrong? It’s so obvious now. He complained of being tired, failing memory, inability to concentrate… His supportive wife reminded him of his age and job stress. We’re grateful that the blood work at an annual physical revealed that he was severely anemic. The doctor prescribed iron supplements. When that didn’t help he was checked for internal bleeding and those tests were negative … and then the doctor mentioned celiac disease. A biopsy confirmed it.

After only 3 weeks of a gluten free diet he noticed an increase in his energy; the healing had begun! Over the next year his cognition improved and he gained weight. It took a year for his iron levels get back to  normal. He noticed another change that we had never heard mentioned – his hair had gotten thicker and coarser. We learned that hair is also affected when nutrients aren’t properly absorbed. What wasn’t affected?

The doctor advised that Wes’ first degree relatives be tested as there is a 1/10 chance that they too will be affected. His mom was the first to join ‘the club’; then our daughter; his sister… another daughter is waiting to be tested. Only one of them had any digestive symptoms! Our son tested negative but was told to get checked again in 5 years.

Our concern now goes to the next generation. We asked aboout our young grandchildren and were told they will not be tested unless they become symptomatic.


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